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I am a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator with many years of experience. I stand for focused ideas, eye catching illustration and good creativity. My work can have a pivotal impact on your business success and development, due to my attention to detail. I have retained a number of clients who have been with me since I started, who are happy with my commitment to work and have recommended me to other clients.


Logo design

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Your logo is a unique, meaningful image that’s paired with your company name in an interesting and meaningful way. It must be scalable and be reproduced consistently in all your marketing, it must be timeless to stay fresh throughout the companies lifetime. Your logo should be designed to visually tell your brand story and be attractive to your target customers. Your logo is just one piece of your visual communication tools. Your visual vocabulary is all of your additional graphics — like backgrounds or patterns, header designs, stock photos, and your font styles and colour palette. This gives you more tools to create stunning designs for your brand.

The design of your business card, letterhead, brochure, etc are all a crucial part of your brand. These materials should reinforce each other and match without blending together too much.


So branding is much more than a logo — it’s the consistent story that you tell through your unique graphics. That story gets into your customers’ minds and — if you’ve created a stand-out brand — it sticks there!


Catalogue cover design visuals

Asco Brochure alternative cover design layouts Asco Brochure cover 2015

Here are 3 cover design visuals for an oriental food catalogue. The wholesaler is a leading distributor of the finest foods from the Philippines, Thailand and the Far East. Red is the main colour they like to use and I have gone for textures of wicker and cane. In the past this would have been used in baskets, bags and pots to transport these types of food products in their boats or junks to the local markets for sale. There is one design showing a brushstroke and a colour wash theme that is common in the Far East and portrays the orient. The final design was simple yet effective and the image wrapped around the back to give a simple clean yet effective design.

Letterhead visuals

Here are a selection of company letterhead designs aimed at Solicitors, accountants and the like. Clean neat professional layouts to make any practice or corporate company happy to send out or indeed hand out their cards etc.

Corporate professional

Clean neat business stationery design

Clean simple professional company stationery

Clean simple professional company stationery

Letterhead for corporate looking company

Letterhead for corporate looking company

Corporate image

Clean professional design

Clean professional company literature

Clean professional company literature

Clean simple design

Clean simple design

Graphic style

Solicitors letterhead with a graphic approach.

Partnership stationery design

Simple stylish design

Packaging design visuals

Rice pack design visuals 1 Rice pack design visuals 2

A client of mine recently started to import rice from Cambodia, up to now they had sold them under the brand name Royal Elephant. But now they decided to develop their own label using the brand name White Tiger and that’s where I came in. But whilst working on the project they wanted to me to look at the name Snow Tiger too. Hence the two designs but there was to be another twist as these names where taken, I am now waiting for the new name to continue the project. However I was quite happy with these design and didn’t want them to be consigned to the bin and so I have added them to my blog, I hope you like them.

Swing label designs

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 15.51.04

These are examples of two garment labels produced for Signet Seals many years ago. The idea is to add a quality feel to a product with seals and other embellishments. These were for a trouser manufacturer. One carried the illustration of the famous clock tower at Oxford University whilst the other was plain text on a quality card and both carried seals and a tracing paper overlay.