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Eastern Crunch crisp pack visual

Eastern Crunch crip pack design

This was a nice little project that I’ve revisited. A good while ago I designed a pack for this client but wasn’t given a freehand and was strongly influenced by him. So recently I had some time on my hands and decided to give it another go. I redesigned the logo too and gave the packs a clean, crisp, contemporary feel which I think has come out well. I can now rest assured that I give the project the love it needed and should have had the first time around.

Skincare range

Quality hair and skin products

Personal grooming range, shampoo, body wash, moisturiser.

Male skin and hair care products Male skin care product


Design visuals for a range of quality personal grooming products, simple clean design layouts to convey a quality feel for this premium brand of shampoo, body wash and moisturising creams given away when you stay at the resort. It’s really just a chance to do some packaging designs.

Packaging design visuals

Rice pack design visuals 1 Rice pack design visuals 2

A client of mine recently started to import rice from Cambodia, up to now they had sold them under the brand name Royal Elephant. But now they decided to develop their own label using the brand name White Tiger and that’s where I came in. But whilst working on the project they wanted to me to look at the name Snow Tiger too. Hence the two designs but there was to be another twist as these names where taken, I am now waiting for the new name to continue the project. However I was quite happy with these design and didn’t want them to be consigned to the bin and so I have added them to my blog, I hope you like them.

Pork scratching pack designs

This was a selection of designs visuals for a brand of snack food, although the first designs were liked they were thought to be too western in appearance. The next visuals had the desired look that the client was searching for and the project was completed. There was then the need for a carton label to match the pack artwork which is displayed.


Kain Na! finished pack design, label and carton Kain Na! pack visuals