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Promotional postcard designs

Mailing POS literature

POS, promotional direct mail publicity to encourage sales.

Direct mail is one of the best marketing strategies in your armoury for keeping your tables busy. Happy customers can take one home with them and spread the word to their friends and relations when asked about where to eat. Startling statistics reinforce how important a dedicated marketing plan can be and it should be the cornerstone of any restaurant’s plan. Traditional direct mailers are flimsy paper fliers that clutter the mail box and end up as trash. Quality cardboard postcards can make your restaurant stand out from the crown with their distinctive weight and eye-catching graphics and are a winner to encourage customers to visit your restaurant again.

Vector portrait illustration

This is an illustration of a dear uncle who passed away a year or so ago and someone who is sorely missed by all who knew him. He was a great lad and always had time for me, he took me under his wing when I first left school. He worked as a carpenter at Pinewood studios working on the film sets before eventually moving to Australia. He was a great footballer and we play together in the Old G’s (Old Greenfordian’s FC) first team. The image is of him in the Greenford kit.


Vector fun portrait


Letterhead visuals

Here are a selection of company letterhead designs aimed at Solicitors, accountants and the like. Clean neat professional layouts to make any practice or corporate company happy to send out or indeed hand out their cards etc.

Corporate professional

Clean neat business stationery design

Clean simple professional company stationery

Clean simple professional company stationery

Letterhead for corporate looking company

Letterhead for corporate looking company

Corporate image

Clean professional design

Clean professional company literature

Clean professional company literature

Clean simple design

Clean simple design

Graphic style

Solicitors letterhead with a graphic approach.

Partnership stationery design

Simple stylish design

DES brochure visuals

These are just some ideas for a new look to the DES brochure which has been unchanged for many years now although the cover still looks very impressive. I have designed three covers and one double page spread which will be the basis for the other sections in the group. The colours will change as will the images covering these sections, but the look will follow on throughout the brochure, with blocked areas of colour and images to suit. The company designs systems which companies like to keep private which is why I have given it a general look without focusing on anything sensitive.DES cover design 3 DES inside spread Fabrication DES cover design 2 DES cover design 1

Asean Seas advertisement

Here is a copy of the chosen design, it features a new brand of frozen fish for the Asco Foods company. They wanted to heighten the presents of this new brand which has gone down well since it’s lunch. I designed the logo and the simple packaging header card.